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R108 Release Notes!


[Official] Updated to Official 0.137.1 Version

[Map] Added IVs to Map

[Map] Improved Scanner to include IVs

[Map] Pokemon icons now respect Possible shiny and forms

[Map] Added Lure Only filter to show pokestops

[Map] Pokemon Distances now detect your locale settings to determine which metric system to use KM vs. Miles etc.

[Bug Fix] Fixed iPad crashing issue when trying to share Raid/Gym coords from Map

[Bug Fix] Fixed iPad crashing issue when exporting/importing settings

[Icons] Added new Possible Shiny icons

[Performance/Stability] PokeGo++ has undergone a massive backend performance update.

We have reduced the tweak size from 15.6MB to 8MB! We also changed a fundamental and old database protocol that was long overdue.
Map loading and overall stability should be improved.

Happy Hunting!!

Global++ Admins